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Lawyers of the Podilskyi Legal Center provide legal assistance to servicemen throughout Ukraine, including in Zhytomyr and the Zhytomyr region.
From consultation to court support, our specialists can assist you in resolving issues related to military service:
  • enlistment in the military;

  • appeal against orders on transfer and transfer to another position, to another part, to another locality ;

  • bringing to material or disciplinary responsibility, appealing orders;

  • appeal against the order on dismissal of a serviceman;

  • conducting an official investigation;

  • debt collection for real property;

  • recovery of cash collateral);

  • appeal against the decision not to pay severance pay;

  • appeal of the protocol on administrative offense (how to appeal to the administrator);

  • appeal against the decision to remove a serviceman from the apartment queue;

  • protection in cases of unauthorized leaving of a military unit by a serviceman;

  • protection in criminal proceedings for loss or damage to military property.

You can ask your question about military service right now by phone, or in the CHAT at the bottom of the screen.

Military units in the Zhytomyr region:

- Zhytomyr: A-1065, A-3771, A-0281, A-1910, A-2298, A-3316, A-3204;

- Ovruch: A-4006, A-2027;

- Teterivka village: A2900;

- N. Bilokorovychi township: A-2262, A-2001, A-0541 A-1106 A-2001 A-2231.


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