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Lawyers of our military-legal center work across all territory of Ukraine and across Nikolaev and the Nikolaev area in particular. You can order from us a consultation of a military lawyer on military service, on the recalculation of military pensions and more. Our military lawyers specialize in providing reliable protection for your military personnel in war crimes cases. Cases about voluntary departure by the serviceman of a place of service which are investigated by DBR under the procedural management of the military prosecutor's office of the Nikolaev garrison.
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How to appeal an order to be held liable

How to appeal an order for disciplinary action (reprimand, warning of incomplete compliance, etc.)

Appeal against the order on dismissal of a serviceman

How to appeal the order based on the results of the official investigation

Appeal the transfer to another position, to another part, to another area

How to collect debt for real property

Lawsuit for non-payment of indexation (recovery of cash security indexation)

Appeal against the decision not to pay severance pay

Appeal of the protocol on administrative offense (how to appeal to the admin)

Appeal against the refusal to grant childcare leave

How to appeal the decision to remove a serviceman from the apartment queue

Unauthorized leaving of a military unit by a serviceman. Advocacy protection. Where to find the lawyer in military prosecutor's office of the Nikolaev garrison, court of Nikolaev.

Protection in criminal proceedings on loss, damage to military property.

Military units in the territory of the Nikolaev garrison

А2734 с. Бузьке

A2637, Ochakiv

A1357 Pervomaisk

A2183 Pervomaisk

A1555 Mykolayiv

A0831 Mykolayiv

A2920 Voznesensk

А3476 с. Konstantinovka

A4606 Podgorodna township

subdivision A1836 with. Mishkovo-Pogorilovo

subdivision A1836 Mykolayiv

subdivision A1836 s-shche Polygon

А1795 с. Stara Bogdanovka

А4619 s. Pear

A2428 Mykolayiv

67 sanitary-epidemiological detachment (territorial) of Mykolayiv

A2899 Ochakiv

A1594 Ochakiv


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