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Indexation of Cash Security with Base Month - January 2008 


On April 12, 2021, the administrative court upheld the claim  military lawyer  Podolsk Legal Center  and obliged the military unit to accrue and pay to the discharged serviceman  indexation of cash collateral for the period from 01.01.2016 to 28.02.2018 with the establishment for the calculation of the indexation of the month of increase (base month) - January 2008.


Compensation for Unreceived Property must be paid on the Day of Exemption


25.01.2021 The court once again confirmed the position  The military lawyer that the payments received by the serviceman on the day of release must be made on the day of exclusion from the personnel lists of the unit. The result is the inaction of the military unit A0666 in failing to make a full settlement with the serviceman upon dismissal in terms of non-payment of money.  compensation of value for the unreceived material  the property was declared illegal and the military unit was obliged  make such a payment.


The right to indexation of monetary security is protected


Claim  military lawyer  satisfied in full. The inaction of the military unit 3077 of the National Guard of Ukraine regarding the non-accrual and non-payment of the indexation of monetary support to the serviceman was recognized as illegal. The court ordered the military unit   make appropriate pay indexations 


The court ordered to pay cash benefits upon dismissal


The court decision once again confirmed the position  military lawyer , that the years of service in the case of a one-time allowance for dismissal is not calculated exclusively by calendar years of service, and may include different periods, including preferential calculation of the term of service. As the serviceman had more than 10 years of general service, the court ordered the military unit 1495 to accrue and pay a lump-sum cash benefit of 50 percent of the monthly allowance for each full calendar year of service. 


For unauthorized leaving the unit - Fine


The central district court of the city of Nikolaev passed the sentence by which approved the plea agreement. The court fined a former serviceman UAH 8,500 for leaving the service without permission (Article 407 Part 4 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine). The defense was provided by military lawyer Mykhailo Kozachuk

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