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Lawyers of the Podolsk Legal Center accompany your case at all stages of court proceedings, including the final stage of execution of a court decision.


In case of improper execution of the court decision - we will help to file a complaint against the actions or inaction of the executors and to achieve full fair protection of your rights.

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  • If you have encountered abuse of procedural rights during enforcement proceedings.

  • If the executor does not perform his duties on time and not in full

  • If the court decision is enforced in a biased manner

  • If enforcement actions are unreasonably postponed

Who should you appeal to?

The Law of Ukraine “On Enforcement Proceedings” provides for the possibility to file a complaint against improper enforcement proceedings.

This can be done by the debtor and the debt collector, as well as by any other participants (representatives of the parties, prosecutor, expert, specialist, translator, etc.).

Depending on the grounds for appealing against improper enforcement proceedings, a complaint may be filed with:

  1. the court that issued the writ of execution

  2. the relevant administrative court for jurisdiction

  3. the head of the body of the state executive service of the highest level or the head of the department to which the state executor is directly subordinated

Keep in mind the short deadlines for appeal!

  • Appeal against the execution of a court decision - within 10 working days.

  • Appeal against the postponement of enforcement actions - within 3 working days.

To promptly and effectively solve your problem with the execution of a court decision, contact our specialists of the Podil Legal Center by phone or via CHAT (at the bottom of the page).

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