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Every serviceman has the right to appeal the orders of the command against him. This right is enshrined in the statute of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, other laws (in particular, " On social and legal protection of servicemen and members of their families" ) and bylaws.


The right to appeal the orders of the chief extends to ORDERS ON :

  • assignment and deprivation of military rank;

  • demotion;

  • renewal of military rank;

  • appointments;

  • dismissal;

  • transfer of service;

  • discharge from military service;

  • leaving the military service beyond the age limit for military service;

  • direction abroad;

  • conclusion and termination (termination) of the contract, extension of its term;

  • on imposing a disciplinary sanction.

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How to appeal the order?

The legislation provides for various forms of appeal by servicemen against illegal orders issued against them:

  • sending written inquiries or personal appeals to officials, military administration bodies, administrative bodies of the Law Enforcement Service,

  • appeal to pre-trial investigation bodies and other state bodies

  • appeal to the administrative court for jurisdiction.

The appropriate way to protect the rights of a serviceman depends on the specific circumstances of the situation and the contested order itself. In case of doubt - we advise you to seek advice and legal assistance from the specialists of our Podilskyi Legal Center.


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