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PROTECTION OF CONSUMER RIGHTS while purchaising a car

Buying a car is always a responsible and important process, which is accompanied by many legal risks.

The Law of Ukraine "On Consumer Protection" guarantees the protection of the buyer in case of any problems with the car or payment for it, if it is the fault of the seller.


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Unfortunately, there are often situations when consumers are misled when concluding a contract of sale of cars. You can face deception about the real value of the car, such as in the case № 554/6524/19 from 28.01.2021, or other significant conditions.


Sometimes in contracts of sale, including cars, there are unfair conditions, which, by law, may be grounds for invalidating the contract or its termination. These may be excessive burdensome obligations for the consumer, or the establishment of strict conditions, with which the buyer is so real and not acquainted before the conclusion of the contract.


Sometimes, even on the basis of properly concluded and fair contracts, consumer rights can be violated. For example, in the case № 127/5283/19 of June 19, 2019, the plaintiff paid an advance payment in the amount of UAH 106,000 under the contract, but did not wait to receive the promised car.


As for the shortcomings of the car itself, the rules apply as to any other product. If the consumer discovers certain defects that occurred before the transfer of the car and the conclusion of the contract of sale, he is entitled to a proportional reduction in price, free elimination of defects in a timely manner, or reimbursement of costs to eliminate such defects.

Remember! Vague or ambiguous provisions are always interpreted in favor of the consumer! So if you are facing violations of your rights as a consumer, law and justice are on your side!

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