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Cases of corruption offenses. Lawyer. Protection

Experienced lawyers of Vinnytsia specialize in protecting the subjects of responsibility in cases of corruption and administrative offenses. Lawyers of the Podilsky Legal Center, located in Vinnytsia, provide legal support in the process of drawing up a protocol on corruption, as well as provide protection in court during the consideration of the drawn up protocol on a corruption administrative offense . We do not allow baseless accusations!

  • Protection in criminal proceedings charged with corruption

  • Cases of violation of restrictions on part-time work

  • Gift Restriction Cases

  • Violation of financial control requirements

  • Cases of conflict of interest

  • Failure to take measures to combat corruption

  • Abuse of influence

  • Getting illegal benefits

  • Failure to notify or untimely notification of significant changes in property status

    • In accordance with the requirements of Art. 10 of the Code of Administrative Offenses, an administrative offense is considered to have been committed intentionally when the person who committed it was aware of the illegal nature of his action or inaction, foresaw its harmful consequences and wished or knowingly assumed the occurrence of these consequences.

  • Appeal against the submission made by the prosecutor's office

  • Appeal against the dismissal order in connection with a conflict of interest

Адвокат Винница, Адвокаты Винницы отзывы, адвокати вінниці

Managing Partner of Podilsky Law Center,

lawyer Mykhailo KOZACHUK :

Regardless of whether you choose us to protect your interests or not, but in any case we advise you to refuse to testify in accordance with Article 63 of the Constitution of Ukraine, until you contact us and get a free consultation!

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