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We work throughout Ukraine and abroad

Extradition lawyers in Kyiv and Vinnytsia protect persons prosecuted in other countries.

We move to any country throughout the world in case you need the legal assistance of our attorney in another country.
Confidentiality is guaranteed!

The Podilsky Law Center works in the field of extradition:

  • Verification of finding a person on the international wanted list

  • Protection in case of detention of a foreigner or a stateless person wanted by the competent authorities of foreign states for criminal prosecution or execution of a court sentence

  • Appeal against decisions on permission to extradite a foreigner to the competent state authorities

  • Preparation of petitions for the transfer of criminal proceedings by way of adoption

  • Protection during the examination of requests by the investigating judge for temporary, extradition arrest , as well as for the existence of grounds for further detention of a person.

  • Appeal against the decision made by the investigating judge, which contradicts the requirements of the criminal procedure legislation or the international agreement of Ukraine.

  • Appeal to the investigating judge of decisions of the relevant central bodies of Ukraine on the extradition of a person

  • Protection in the process of extradition

  • Application for transfer of a convict by a court of another state to imprisonment in Ukraine to serve a sentence

  • Protection when taking over criminal proceedings from a foreign state.

  • Provision of qualified assistance by a lawyer in the detention or establishment by a foreign competent authority of a person wanted by Ukrainian law enforcement agencies for the purpose of extradition (extradition) to Ukraine

  • Protection of the rights of legal entities during criminal proceedings

  • Appeal to the European Court of Human Rights regarding violation of human rights during detention, in the process of extradition (inhuman treatment, unjustified imprisonment, violation of reasonable time limits for consideration of the case by the court)

  • Protection of wanted persons

  • Appeal against the decision to declare a person wanted

  • Appeal against the decision on notification of suspicion

  • Petition to close criminal proceedings under the statute of limitations

  • Assistance to detainees in Great Britain, Poland: Russia: Hungary, Fashion, Italy, Romania, Turkey and other countries

  • Support of the extradition arrest case

  • Protection in criminal cases in which a person has been extradited to law enforcement agencies of Ukraine


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