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Wherever you want to live, work or hire people, the team of migration lawyers and jurists of the Podolsk Legal Center will be able to help you.

Podolsk Law Center is a law firm with experienced lawyers and migration lawyers in Kyiv, Vinnytsia and Lviv. Our multilingual team of lawyers and attorneys has considerable experience in dealing with the application of migration legislation.

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Migration lawyers and jurists of the Podolsk Legal Center provide a wide range of legal services:

  • legal support for obtaining short-term visas (visa C (VC)) and long-term visas (visa D (VD)) for entry into Ukraine;

  • making invitations for foreigners to enter Ukraine ;

  • obtaining a work permit for a foreigner in Ukraine;

  • legal support for acquiring Ukrainian citizenship , admission to Ukrainian citizenship;

  • definition and change of nationality;

  • legal support of registration and issuance of documents proving citizenship of Ukraine and identity;

  • obtaining an immigration permit;

  • appealing against decisions of the migration service regarding the refusal to grant an immigration permit;

  • obtaining a temporary residence permit;

  • extension of the period of stay on the territory of Ukraine;

  • appeal against decisions to reduce the period of temporary stay;

  • appeals against decisions of the migration service on forced return, readmission;

  • requests to the SIS for a ban on entry into the Schengen area, other foreign institutions;

  • appeal against visa refusal;

  • legal protection of Ukrainians abroad from criminal prosecution;

  • legal assistance to foreign citizens and stateless persons on issues of forced expulsion from the territory of Ukraine, detention (bail, bail) and extension of detention;

  • representation of interests in courts of all instances;

  • legalization and affixing of an apostille on documents for their use outside Ukraine.

Podolsk Legal Center cooperates with many diplomatic missions, including the US Embassy in Ukraine, the British Embassy in Ukraine, the Polish Embassy in Ukraine, the Embassy of the Slovak Republic and others, which allows you to quickly and efficiently provide legal services.


Of course, if you want to get more information about migration rules and legislation and how our team can help you - contact us or write to the CHAT .

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