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The Podolsky Law Center team provides foreign companies with a complex of legal services in the field of corporate law and international arbitration on the collection of debt obligations on the territory of Ukraine under international contracts.




1. Legal support of commercial operations

Development and support for full implementation of commercial contracts.

Providing legal advice on legal issues arising from the conclusion and execution of commercial contracts.

Provide conclusions on enforced contractual debt collection from both non-resident and resident companies.


2. Dispute resolution

Services for collection of commercial debts (cross-border debts).

Representation of interests of foreign companies in Ukraine on debt collection of Ukrainian companies under international contracts.

Representation of the company in commercial disputes.

International Commercial Arbitration.





Collecting commercial debt under an international contract - has its own peculiarities and needs an individual, well-planned approach to each case. That is why PLC lawyers develop a specific strategy for dealing with each specific debt.







A friendly dispute settlement is the most efficient and economical way to repay any debt. Therefore, experienced PLC lawyers begin negotiations with the debtor immediately upon receipt of the case:



Detailed study of the case.

Collection of a complete file on the debtor company.

Find responsible persons of the debtor company, establish contact for negotiations.

Solve administrative issues.

Negotiate the repayment of the debt to its full repayment.

Advising, full legal and financial support for making debt repayments.




Litigation of debt:

If pre-litigation does not produce the desired results, qualified PLC lawyers provide a full range of representation services for the company in both national and international commercial debt collection courts.

Before filing a lawsuit, we always evaluate the prospects and appropriateness of the lawsuit by ordering a credit report that includes information about the debtor's solvency.



How we do debt recovery work:


Repayment of commercial debt is only lawful.

With the highest adherence to business ethics.

In the shortest possible time.



Payment for the services provided is based on the principle: "No winnings - no pay".


You only pay for the result. The fee provided by the Podilsky Law Center is a percentage (commission) of the amount of debt repaid - the so-called "SUCCESS PAYMENT". No debt repayment - no payment policy. We have no financial risks.



We have considerable experience in corporate litigation and specialize in debt collection cases that arise between companies in the course of business.



Experience - we have been working since 2010.

Full range of risk management solutions.

We speak English, Polish, Ukrainian and Russian.

Interaction with public authorities, including control bodies, is available.

We provide reports on the work done.

Payment is made after the positive result has been achieved.

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