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Imperfection of the tax system of Ukraine, incompetence of tax officials, weak control by the state leads to frequent violations by the tax authorities.

Such actions often have a negative impact not only on the activities of the enterprise as a whole, but also on individuals. This in turn puts at a disadvantage and causes significant losses to the business.

In such situations, the assistance of a TAX LAWYER will be necessary.

Services of tax lawyers of the Podolsk legal center in the field of tax law:

  • Analysis of tax authorities' decisions.

  • Legal support of tax audits:

  • Analysis of the request for information and its documentary confirmation, and preparation of a response to such a request;

  • Appeal against the inspection order;

  • Preparation of objections to inspection reports;

  • Appeals against decisions of tax authorities based on the results of administrative inspections;

  • Appeals against decisions of tax authorities based on the results of inspections in court.

  • Appeals against other actions and omissions of tax authorities:

  • Appeal against actions (inaction) of tax authorities in an administrative manner;

  • Appeal against actions (inaction) of tax authorities in court.

  • Appeal in court against the decision to suspend and refuse to register a tax invoice (blocking a tax invoice).

  • Representation in court in tax disputes.

  • cases related to the payment of VAT and customs duties

  • Appeal against the SFS requirements for payment of arrears of SSC

  • appeal against the decision of the customs authorities to determine the code of the imported goods and the refusal to allow it to enter the customs territory of Ukraine under the code specified, in particular by the importer

  • cases on customs clearance of goods using promissory note form of payment

  • recognition of illegal (illegal) decision to refuse to carry out customs clearance of goods, in particular, under the code of the Commodity nomenclature, which indicated the owner (declarant) of the goods

  • cases on the validity of the declarant's application of the customs regime of temporary import (export) when detecting the declared goods in another customs regime

  • Protection in cases under Article 212 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (intentional evasion of taxes, fees and other mandatory payments)

  • Support of unscheduled inspections, appeals against the results of such inspections

Of course, if you want to get more information in the field of tax law and how our team can help you - contact us or write to the CHAT.

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