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Lawyers of Kyiv and Vinnytsia provide full legal support of economic activity of the enterprise (FOP, LLC, PJSC, etc.) Lawyers work in Kyiv, Kyiv region, as well as Vinnytsia and the region. We provide the following  services such as remote legal services for small and large enterprises throughout Ukraine. We have considerable experience in resolving commercial disputes . Tax issues are decided by Tax Disputes Lawyers . A professional team of lawyers provides comprehensive legal support for the establishment, registration of enterprises, limited liability companies, as well as legal support for the liquidation and reorganization of enterprises .


  • appeal against illegal actions of inspectors of the State Labor Service

  • appeal against the decision to suspend or reject tax invoices

  • legal services in the field of corporate law

  • representation and protection of interests

  • contract verification

  • checking current documents

  • checking the integrity and reliability of the counterparty

  • checking the integrity of employees

  • negotiation

  • support during negotiations

  • Appeals against bidding decisions

  • Appeal against the imposition of fines for violation of labor legislation

Legal Support of IT Business

Specifics only:

  • Verification of draft agreements with foreign companies

  • Debt collection in other countries under agreements with foreign companies

  • Protection of intellectual property (development, copyright, copyright, copyleft, etc.) in the field of Information Technology

  • Protection of intellectual property abroad

  • Effective management of Intellectual Property (licensing, audit, etc.)

  • Consultations on business taxation

  • Appeals against decisions (requirements, notifications-decisions) of tax authorities

  • Protection of an IT lawyer in criminal proceedings

    • legal support during searches, confiscation of property

    • return of illegally seized property

    • appealing against illegal actions and decisions of law enforcement agencies

  • Legal support when making business trips

  • Representation in courts, international institutions

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