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Protection against unlawful release!

  • Appeal to the European Court of Human Rights for Labor Rights

  • appeal against the dismissal order

    • at will

    • by agreement of the parties

    • as disciplinary punishment

  • Appeal against a dismissal order issued while on childcare leave

  • Appeal against an order for release in connection with a conscription

  • Appeal against disciplinary action

  • Appeal against a transfer order

  • Appeal against the dismissal order

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Couple and Surrogate Mother

Current legislation provides various guarantees for the protection of pregnant women 's employment rights.

Thus, the Labor Code prohibits employers from:  

  • deny employment to pregnant women, 

  • reduce the wages of pregnant women for reasons related to pregnancy

  • to release pregnant women on their own initiative.

Yes, pregnant women cannot be dismissed even if they do violate labor discipline or there are other valid grounds for dismissal.


At the same time, in practice, there are often situations when employers are so reluctant to pay maternity leave for their employees that they try to eliminate them from work in every possible way. In particular, it is common to force an employee to voluntarily write a letter of resignation "of her own volition".


What to do in such a situation when  Does the employer "survive" the employee because she is pregnant?  


Lawyer Mykhailo Kozachuk advises to apply to the court to declare the dismissal order illegal.

At the same time, the lawyer emphasizes that pregnant women should not worry at all, because the law is on their side!

The fact is that the oppression of pregnant workers, the creation of an atmosphere of harassment in the team and forcing them to dismiss contains all the signs of discriminatory treatment.

Discrimination on any grounds (in this case, on the grounds of pregnancy) is prohibited  and the Constitution of Ukraine, and the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, and current labor legislation.


Therefore, going to court usually has good prospects and a chance for a decent return.


To be guaranteed a result in court, you should seek the help of a lawyer who will be able to gather the necessary evidence and legal justification.


Even if you do not have enough extra money for legal services, you can not worry. If the court is won, the law establishes a procedure for reimbursement in court of all costs incurred in connection with the proceedings.


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