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Intellectual Property Commercial Management Services


How does intellectual property protection affect your business?

You have a small business or a large industrial enterprise.

You make sneakers, cakes, or airplanes.

Your company provides legal advice or organizes a party.

No matter what size your company is, what products it produces, or what services it provides, it is very likely that it uses or creates intellectual property in one way or another. From the development of worker's instructions to the development of state-of-the-art modern technologies.

In this regard, you need to take care of the protection of intellectual property  and its effective management.

Improper or ineffective protection of intellectual property can lead to losses of the enterprise. For example, do you know when the domain name that belongs to you expires? It can be redeemed by others at the re-registration stage.


Effective management of the intellectual property you own can bring additional, if not basic, profits to your business. You are more than sure that you underestimate the capabilities of your intangible assets, and you do not know about the existence of some of them at all. An audit of intellectual property can help .


If you are using intellectual property that belongs to others, it is time to take care to buy it or acquire the rights to use it by obtaining a license to prevent possible claims and lawsuits.

Our lawyers, lawyers certified by the World Intellectual Property Organization are ready to help you direct the potential of intellectual property for the benefit of your business.

Intellectual property management includes:

  • Development of the most effective method of using Intellectual Property

  • Audit of Intellectual Property of the enterprise

  • Preparation and negotiation of licensing

  • Preparation of agreements for the use of intellectual property

  • Valuation of intellectual property

  • Appeal of legality  Intellectual property rights

  • Preparation of complaints to the International Trade Commission

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