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Lviv Military Lawyers

Protecting the rights of servicemen is the main activity of a lawyer. In Lviv and across Ukraine, a military lawyer decides cases of illegal dismissal , illegal prosecution. Dozens of won cases on recalculation of military pensions. You can order the services of a lawyer at the link

Military lawyers in Lviv specialize in criminal cases of leaving part and place of service, desertion, disobedience, non-compliance with the commander's order. Here you can make an agreement with a lawyer to protect a serviceman in criminal proceedings. 

Lviv military lawyers provide legal advice on how to receive one-time financial assistance in the event of death, injury or injury of servicemen. Lawyers for servicemen and members of the families of the victims provide assistance in collecting the necessary documents for submission to the commission of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine on the payment of one-time cash benefits. If necessary, you can order legal services to support the filing, review of documents for the payment of one-time cash benefits to the wounded, injured and family members of the deceased, as well as a possible appeal in court "turnkey" ._ cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_ will have to run around the offices, pad the thresholds, visit the courts . The entire burden will be borne by the military lawyers of the Podolsk Legal Center.

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