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Land lawyers resolve the most complex disputes related to the registration of land ownership.

The land dispute lawyer represents the client in the courts and establishes the ownership of the land plot through the court.

Land attorneys assist in the registration of inheritance on land, land plots that belonged to the testator.

A land lawyer will help and advise on land registration in accordance with the Land Code of Ukraine.

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We can assist with the following cases:

  •  titling inheritance, including, inherited property left for an international resident;

  •  division and termination of a land lease;

  •  boundary dispute;

  •  encumbrance on the land rights of an easement;

  •  determination of the land-use planning;

  •  receiving title to land; 

  •  making and filing with courts statements of claim and other documents;

  •  representation in courts of all instances.


Our specialists have experience in land law and dispute resolution, meaning we can advise you on the best way of resolving your problems.

It would be great to help you!

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