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PURCEN is a team of lawyers united by the idea of legal support for entrepreneurs in Ukraine. We will be happy to work for the development of your business!


Our legal company provides a wide range of legal assistance from solving small issues to the service of "complex legal support of the enterprise's activities". Our attorneys and corporate lawyers are mostly highly specialized, but work as part of a team, which gives us a professional edge.

Business legal services are provided with confidentiality and respect for the client. All discussions of cooperation are possible both during a direct meeting in our offices and remotely.

We are in favor of long-term cooperation, which is why we guarantee high quality legal services!


Інтелектуальна Власність

Захист, Управління

Налаштування роботи

ІТ - сектор

Договори, Ліцензування, Супровід

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Economic disputes

Representation in court

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Звернення до Європейського суду з прав людини

About us

Legal company established in 2016. The company's activities are aimed at providing legal assistance to businesses. The company's team is headed by powerful professional lawyers certified to practice law. The company's offices are located in Kyiv, Vinnytsia, and Lviv. Services are provided both in the cities where the offices are located, and remotely throughout Ukraine. 

Кімната для переговорів

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Робоча нарада
How much do subscription legal services of the enterprise cost?

The price for legal services for an enterprise (LLC, FOP, PJSC, etc.) depends on the amount of work to be performed. We start with the lowest possible price for legal services and adjust in the future by joint agreements with you, based on the scope of work. In any case, we will find for you the optimal solution for the cost of legal services.

Comprehensive Legal Services for Enterprises

You can order complex subscriber legal services for your company, institution, or organization from us. This type of external legal service provides advantages, as there is no need to specifically hire lawyers, pay taxes, and provide vacations. We don't get sick, we don't go on vacation, we don't need a social security package. With us, you get round-the-clock legal support 24/7 by a team of professional lawyers and lawyers. Our relationship is formalized by a legal service contract, in which we jointly define the key elements of our cooperation, depending on your needs.

Your employees can order legal advice on labor, tax, and military law as part of the legal service package.

As a bonus, our law firm offers the management of the company free legal consultations on other issues of everyday life. These are issues of family law, protection of personal honor and dignity, cases of traffic accidents, bringing to administrative and criminal liability and much more.

Safe with us!

Юридичні послуги з управління інтелектуальною власністю.

Management of Intellectual Property of a Legal Entity

The intellectual property of an enterprise is an important asset of great importance in commercial activity, but the need for timely protection of intellectual property is rarely underestimated. At the same time, effective management of intellectual property objects of a legal entity can bring additional income, and in some cases, effective management of intellectual property objects will bring more than 50% of total annual income to the enterprise. Examples are the value of trademarks Nike, Mercedes-Benz, McDonald's and many others. However, with the increase in the value of trademarks and other intellectual property objects, unscrupulous competitors are constantly hunting them (domain names, copyright and related rights, copying program codes, etc.), so they need special protection. Legal company PURCEN offers services for the management of intellectual property objects. This is accounting of IP, measures for their protection, control of protective terms, monitoring the integrity of competitors, providing proposals on the most profitable options for monetization of IP objects.


Protect and earn!

  • Management complex
  • Suggestions for Effective Use
  • Control of Domain Names
  • Trademark protection
  • Protection Against Unscrupulous Competitors
  • Drafting of License Agreements
  • Monetization Offers
Юридичні послуги з підготовки договорів для юридичних осіб

Contract Drafting, Reviewing And Management Services

Lawyers and lawyers of the PURCEN legal company have considerable experience in working with contracts, including international contracts. We understand the busyness of business with routine work on its development, so we are ready to take on the direction of work with contracts as efficiently as possible. From you only an idea, from us a proposal regarding the most beneficial type of contractual relations in accordance with national legislation, its form, essential terms of the contract. When preparing the contract, we will definitely ask you about what is most beneficial for your company, what conditions, terms, and sanctions are important to you. After drawing up the text of the contract, our lawyers and attorneys have the opportunity to accompany it from negotiations, signing to full implementation. In the process of execution, we will ensure timely adjustment of payments in accordance with changes in the market or ensure timely introduction of changes in case of changes in legislation. The maintenance of the company's contracts also includes measures of legal response to poor performance by the other party of its contractual obligations. Our goal is the high-quality and full performance of contracts to which you are a party.

If you have been offered to sign the contract, we will ensure a high-quality and timely review of it not only for compliance with current legislation, but also for compliance with your business interests.

You must be the strong side of the contract!

Послуги юриста зі створення юридичної особи

Creation of a Legal Entity

Do you dream of a successful business? Do you have an idea and are you ready to dive into the fascinating world of business?

Our lawyers will help you get up and running on a turnkey basis. At the first stage, they will help you choose the optimal organizational form for the legal entity you are creating. It can be a limited liability company, an individual entrepreneur, a private joint-stock company, a company with additional liability. 

Depending on the organizational form you have chosen, a lawyer will prepare the founding documents of the company (minutes of general meetings, Statute of a legal entity, etc.). We will help you register a newly created enterprise, appoint a director. Our lawyers will advise you on which form of taxation would be better for you to optimize your tax burden. Next, we will be able to provide comprehensive legal support for the newly created legal entity. just have to believe that you can,

and you are already halfway to the goal!..

Creation and launch of the enterprisenon-resident
  • consultation under Ukrainian legislation
  • development of statutory documents
  • enterprise registration
  • appointment of the director
  • registration as a tax payer
  • help in finding a room
  • activity support in accordance with Ukrainian legislation

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