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Leading contract law lawyers of the PURCEN legal company provide professional high-quality services in the drafting, analysis and maintenance of contracts for foreign individuals and legal entities in accordance with Ukrainian legislation. We will help you choose the form of the contract, develop the contract in accordance with the interests of the non-resident, and ensure the high-quality performance of the terms of the contract.

We will protect your business in Ukraine!

Contract Drafting According to Ukrainian Law

  • Analysis of your drafts

  • Discussing with you what key issues need protection

  • Selection of contract type

  • Preparation of essential terms of the contract according to the legislation of Ukraine

  • Obligations of the counterparty under the contract

  • Liability for improper fulfillment of the terms of the contract

  • Terms of performance of the contract

  • Preliminary agreement with the counterparty of the essential terms of the contract

  • Conducting negotiations for signing a contract


Reviewing Contracts

  • Verification of the contract for compliance with the current legislation of Ukraine

  • Checking the contract for compliance with your interests

  • Checking whether the contracts meet the conditions of fair competition

  • Submission of written proposals based on the results of contract review

  • Preparation of answers and proposals for negotiations


Contracts Management

  • Accounting of contracts

  • Control of compliance with the terms of contracts

  • Quality control of contract execution

  • Submission of proposals for extending the terms of contracts, their termination

  • Preparation of a claim regarding improper performance of the contract

  • Appeal to the court regarding the violation of the terms of the contract

  • Recovery of material damage, lost profits

  • Recovery of non-pecuniary damage under contracts

  • Settlement of problematic issues


Sue Another Party

  • Pre-trial settlement of the dispute under the contract

  • Preparation and submission of a claim

  • Preparation of a statement of claim

  • Appeal to the court with a statement of claim

  • Representation of the interests of the parties to the contract in court

  • Filing an appeal against an illegal court decision

  • Filing a cassation appeal against an illegal court decision 

  • Preparation and submission of an appeal to the European Court of Human Rights for non-fulfillment of obligations by the state

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