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Alexander OSKOMA  


Юридичні послуги в Вінниці. Олександр Оскома
Адвокат Олександр Оскома Вінниця
Адвокат Вінниця Оскома в Вінниці

The lawyer set on edge Alexander, a practicing lawyer in the area, military law (military lawyer has ten years of military service in different military branches and the system of military justice, which leads to effective practice in protecting the rights of the military in terms of military service, exemption from military service, bringing to disciplinary liability, payment of cash security,  appointment  and  recalculation of the military  pensions, etc. ); cases of administrative offenses ( military administrative offenses, cases under Article 130 of the Code of Administrative Offenses, etc. ); administrative law ( appeal of actions, inaction, acts of public authorities ); civil law (disputes arising from inheritance law, family law);  tax  and commercial law.


The lawyer specializes in criminal law - criminal proceedings for war crimes ( evasion of military service, desertion, embezzlement / misappropriation of military property, illegal relations, etc. ), road accident cases,  economic crimes, etc.


Practices in the protection of human rights in the European Court of Human Rights,  protection of human rights in the field of biomedicine ( genetic and biomedical research, protection of embryos and fertilization "surrogacy", medical secrecy and protection of medical data, etc.).

Адвокат Оскома Вінниця

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Адвокат по правам людини Оскома
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