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Intellectual Property

A team of professional lawyers in the field of intellectual property. From the development of the company's brand name, slogan and brand image, to the management of intellectual property, its protection and recovery of damages caused by unscrupulous competitors.

IP should be a highly profitable asset!

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Management of Intellectual Property

We will provide an assessment of existing and all potentially possible Intellectual Property objects at your enterprise so that they bring you maximum benefit and at the same time do not infringe the rights of others. We will provide advice on the most effective use of IP. We will take control of all objects of intellectual sweetness so that they work with the highest benefit for you.


Protection of Intellectual Property

We provide reliable protection of intellectual property rights. From conducting pre-trial negotiations, to representation in court and full provision of compensation for damages, including lost profits. We also have the opportunity to conduct periodic market audits for possible violations of your intellectual property rights.


Drafting of License Agreements

Already have registered patents for inventions, utility models? For the most effective commercialization of your Intellectual Property objects, we will develop exclusive license agreements for the use of your developments. We will provide legal support for the conclusion of contracts and their implementation.


Trademark registration

We have the opportunity to help you in the development of an individual brand. Development and protection of a trademark image design, selection and protection of a brand name, development and protection of a company slogan - this is not a complete list of the work done by our Intellectual Property professionals


Domain Names

Intellectual property lawyers will ensure the selection of a successful domain name, its registration, protection from unscrupulous competitors. Registration and protection of domain names abroad is also one of the activities of our company.

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