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Company registration

The lawyers of our company will help you prepare the necessary documents for enterprise registration. You will be able to get help in choosing the organizational form of the enterprise (Limited liability company or Individual entrepreneur? Private joint-stock company or Joint-stock company? Consumer cooperative or production cooperative?), as well as the optimal form of taxation.

You will not need to run around offices and correct filled paper forms.

We take care of everything!

Establishment of the enterprise

At this stage, we will decide on the circle of founders and discuss with everyone the main key points, such as the organizational form of economic activity, the size of the authorized capital of each participant, the procedure for managing the future enterprise, etc. The results of the discussion will be highlighted in the relevant document (protocol on the establishment of the enterprise) and we will organize signature by all the founders. The protocol of establishment of the enterprise is important for further registration of the enterprise.


Brand creation

We will help you to correctly decide on the name of the company, as this will be of significant importance in the future for the successful selection of the domain name of the company's website, search optimization of your website on the Internet and possible registration of the Trademark. We will help you create a Brand that will increase in value over the years and bring you some income.


Drawing up the Charter of the enterprise

Our lawyers will create for you the Charter of the enterprise, which will become the main code of activity of the enterprise for decades. We will help you create such a document, which will provide answers to all the key questions of the activity. With a well-drafted statute, it will be much easier to resolve corporate disputes, to regulate issues of enterprise management in order to achieve the highest results.


Definition of the Type of Economic Activity

We will advise you on determining the type of business activity that needs to be determined at the stage of establishing an enterprise. This is an important stage, since success in concluding contracts, foreign economic agreements, participation in tenders, etc., depends on the correct choice of KVED. An incorrectly defined type of activity can become an obstacle in obtaining licenses for certain types of activity. You will not need to fill in numerous template cells, we will do it for you!


Tax form

At this stage, you will need to decide on the form of taxation that will best suit your company. A simplified form with a tax of 5% of profits, regardless of expenses or value added tax, where 20% is paid on net profits. Our tax lawyers will help you deal with all this.


Registration actions

The lawyers of our company will help you take all the necessary steps to register the created enterprise in the State Register of Enterprises, Institutions, and Organizations and obtain the corresponding statement. Congratulations, you have created a new business entity that only shines with success!


Activity support

We guarantee the correct execution of all documents and the choice of the form of activity. Therefore, we are ready to take over the subscription legal service of your newly created enterprise for the period that will be necessary. We will help you understand the intricacies of running a business, tax nuances, running a business, financial issues, and more. We will cheer for your success! If you like it, we will accompany you until your company is on the list of the most profitable companies!

We understand business!


Together To Success!

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