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The Ukrainian lawyer Mykhailo Kozachuk carries out activities in the criminal defense area. He specializes in defense in cases about military offenses, official misconduct, drug offenses, car accidents, and others.

He has a huge experience in protecting Human Rights, including filing claims to European Court of Human Rights

The lawyer attaches particular importance to the protection of human rights in extradition cases.

Mykhailo one of the very few lawyers who has been certificated by World Intellectual Property Organization to practice in Intellectual Property Law in particular in the Managing IP field

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"There are no dead ends!"

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patent attorney UA
Адвокат ЕСПЧ Винница
Адвокат по правам человека
Адвокат Київ Михайло Козачук Внутрішньо
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Європейський суд з прав людини
Адвокат ЄСПЛ Київ
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Mykhailo Kozachuk, on behalf of the Verkhovna Rada Commissioner for Human Rights, has the right to monitor places of detention for human rights. 

Monitoring visits are carried out to places of imprisonment, such as pre-trial detention centers, rooms for detainees in regional police departments, temporary detention facilities.

Places of imprisonment are Penitentiary Institutions, a disciplinary battalion, and guards of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

If you are aware of cases of human rights violations in places of detention, report these cases by filling out the application form.

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