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Appeal to the Commercial Court

Experienced certified lawyers of the PURCEN Law Company at a high professional level provide representation of the interests of legal entities in commercial courts in various categories of cases. Representation is carried out both on the side of plaintiffs and in cases where your company is the defendant or a third party. Contact us in chat or by phone right now and we will discuss the prospects of our representative office.

Collection of Debts Under the Contract

From us, you can order a service for preparing a claim to the Commercial Court for the collection of debts under the contract of delivery, performance of work, purchase and sale, contract of contract, transportation and others. When calculating the amounts owed, we will take into account inflationary losses, penalties for using other people's funds, as well as the amount of lost profits. 


Termination of the Agreement

With the help of our lawyers, you can file a lawsuit in the Commercial Court and terminate the contract concluded with another legal entity due to violation of the terms of the contract, as well as for other circumstances, if this is provided for by the current legislation. Before going to court, the lawyers of our legal center have the opportunityprovide free legal advice regarding the prospects of applying to court for early termination of the contract


Recognizing the Agreement as Invalid

If certain transactions violate the rights of your company, you can order from us the service of preparing a claim to the court to declare the transaction invalid. In case of invalidity of the deed, each of the parties is obliged to return to the other party in kind everything that it received for the execution of this deed, and in case of impossibility of such return, in particular when the received consists in the use of property, work performed, service rendered - to compensate the value of what is received at the prices prevailing at the time of reimbursement.


Obligation to Fulfill the Terms of the Agreement

From us, you can order professional drafting of a claim to the commercial court with the requirement to oblige your counterparty to fulfill the terms of the contract. Such a demand is usually made in the case of pre-payment under the delivery contract, and the goods have not been delivered for some reason. Order a free consultation right now!

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