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Коллеги на работе
An important element in the fight against the military aggressor is the steadfastness and stability of the Ukrainian economy during the war. Such strength of the economy is largely ensured by the efficient operation of the business, which must continue to operate by adjusting its activities to the defense direction. The team of the Podolsk Legal Center provides private enterprises of all forms of ownership, individuals - entrepreneurs, large enterprises, reliable and fast legal support .

If you need legal advice, comprehensive legal support , contact our lawyers, attorneys right now via
CHAT  and we will definitely find the right solution.

Some current areas of our activities in today's conditions:
  • how to apply for business evacuation - application form 

  • the procedure for state registration of legal entities and private individuals during martial law

  • how to get help for workers and private individuals in cities where active hostilities are taking place 

  • payment of taxes, fees, SDRs and other payments to legal entities and sole proprietors 

  • the procedure for booking an employee 

  • war - force majeure - contractual obligations. What you need to know and how to act 

  • registration of a legal entity, private individual under martial law. Procedure 

  • how to close FOP in martial law 

  • unconditional registration of tax invoice / adjustment calculation

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