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Professional lawyers in the field of contract lawwill help you go from the conclusion of the contract to its full implementation. It is important to correctly choose the form of the contract, to foresee favorable conditions for you and to monitor its execution. Poorly drafted contracts can complicate work with unscrupulous counterparties and debt collection. If you have already encountered the problem of non-fulfillment of contractual terms, evasion of their fulfillment, our lawyers will conduct negotiations or oblige you to comply with the terms in court.

Contact us right now and we will analyze your situation and offer the best solution!

Development of contracts

When drafting a future contract, it is important to adhere to all the necessary elements for a certain type of contract, to include essential conditions in it, such as the subject of the contract, terms of performance, sanctions for late performance or other non-compliance with its terms, recovery of inflationary losses and 3% per annum for the use of funds, other important conditions. The quality of the contract depends on how confident you will feel in the event of poor performance of its terms by the other party, and how easy it will be to restore the losses incurred by you due to poor performance. We will find the best solution for you!



As professional negotiators - lawyers, we provide services of conducting professional negotiations with the aim of achieving the best conditions for the future agreement for you. You can take part in the negotiations with us or fully entrust the negotiations on the key terms of the agreement, contract, memorandum. If the conditions satisfy your needs, all you have to do is sign the agreements reached.

We know how to find the best solutions for business!


Accompanying the contract

We have the opportunity not only to develop a high-quality contract, but also to accompany its implementation. We will take over control of compliance with deadlines and the quality of its execution, we will notify in a timely manner of threats of poor performance of the contract. In case of threats of a possible violation of the contract through negotiations and claim work, we will try to settle the issues that will arise in a peaceful pre-trial procedure.


Pretentious - suing work

If you are faced with the problem of poor performance of the contract (accrual of debt, late delivery, evasion of signing acts of completed works, etc.) - no problem. Professional lawyers of our company will help you to make a claim, conduct negotiations with the aim of peaceful settlement of disputed issues. If it is not possible to reach an understanding, we will ensure the high-quality preparation of the claim before the court and provide representation in court. 


Representation by a lawyer in court

The lawyers of our company have considerable experience in representing the interests of legal entities in commercial courts and courts of civil jurisdiction. All lawyers have a lawyer's certificate, which gives the right to participate and represent the client in courts of all instances. Your participation in the consideration of cases in courts will not be mandatory. We take care of everything! With the exception of the conclusion of peace agreements, the recognition of the claim, which we do only with your agreement! Legal aid costs are usually required to be collected from the other party.They trust us!

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